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Since 1966

J.L. Powell & Associates has served the boiler needs of Houston and the surrounding markets.  We continue to be a leader in the industry.


This photo is taken from a sales meeting from the 50's.  Jim Powell is seated

on the far left and Dan Mills is seated to his left.


Jim Powell started his HVAC career in 1947  and attended Honeywell's Air Conditioning Controls Class with fellow newcomers, C.D. Adams, Gerald Scott and Bill Emde.  Jim worked with Honeywell out of Houston for three years. 


F.J. Evans Engineering Company, an Alabama based, nation wide sales agency, hired Jim for their Houston office in 1950, which started his career in the boiler business.  The agency had a diverse product line of HVAC equipment, which included both cooling and heating equipment.  Dan Mills, who was Houston's 1948 ASHVE president, ran the Houston office. 


In 1960, Dan moved to Tennessee to run the Memphis office and Jim was appointed to head up the Houston office of F.J. Evans.


In 1965 F.J. Evans made the decision to sell their branch offices.  Jim bought the Houston office and formed  J.L. Powell & Associates, Inc.  The first JLPA office was at the 3200 block of Louisianna St. and the territory encompassed all of south Texas. 



Jim's son Bill Powell joined the company in 1980, prior to JLPA, Bill worked for Borg Warner.   Another son, Pat Powell joined the company in 1989, prior to that Pat worked for an engineering firm in Dallas.  Both Bill and Pat are graduates of Texas A&M University with engineering degrees. 


Jim Powell passed away in 2001 after a 54 year career in the HVAC business.   Today J.L. Powell & Associates, Inc. is owned and operated by Bill and Pat. 


In 2008, after being located for 38 years on Heffernan street in southeast Houston,  J.L. Powell & Associates, Inc. purchased a building across HWY 3 from Ellington Air Field.  This new facility offers ample office and warehouse space to handle all of our customers' needs. 


Let J.L. Powell & Associates assist you in your next project with boilers, boiler related equipment, heat recovery equipment, heat transfer equipment, stacks or fuel oil equipment.




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